Kim Forsberg
is a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, make-up artist and US licensed intradermal cosmetic artist.

With her superb esthetic skill and artistic back ground, Kim has always been touted as one of the top skincare experts and artists for the last 25 years working with many celebrities, models and highly respected professional women in New York City.

Kim offers innovative and medical grade skincare and the most uniquely designed hair simulation that cosmetic make-up offers today.

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is the much sought after Emperor’s technique,
which is a unique procedure of embroidering hair strokes.

Kim utilizes her artistic background and creates patterns and diagrams to make dimensional hairlike strokes that complement your facial structure.

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The First step is to set up an appointment, meet with me for a consultation to discuss your medical history (to make sure your are a good candidate for the procedure). Pre-existing condition such as keloid and allergies could disqualify you as a healthy candidate.

Together we will review and discuss the possible shapes we can purse for your new eyebrow that will be most flattering. We will take time necessary to find the best shape and color to make certain our work complements and harmonizes with your face, and skin’s natural pigmentation and undertones.

Once we have selected a shape and color we will review my portfolio of before and after photographs to show you how other clients eyebrows have transformed their appearance.

On the day of the procedure, before we both finalize our plans and determine your shape and color, you will review everything we discussed and then sign the client consent form: agreeing to color, shape and review all risks and then give your consent of any and all procedures that are to be performed.

An aftercare package with instructions will be given to promote a speedy recovery of the skin.

We will, at a later date, schedule 2 to 3 follow-up visits to ensure we have achieved the best possible result for you.
My promise to you is that I will listen and carefully approach each client’s concerns to make sure that you are satisfied with the end result.

I look forward to meeting you & working together.

Client Testimonials

“Look like yourself…only better.”