Amanda Jefferson - Nextdoor

“There is only one word that comes to mind that I can best describe Kim and that is AWESOME!!. She is professional and she made me feel comfortable when I first met her. Kim did my eyebrows and eyeliner and she did an excellent job with them. I’ve been frustrated for a while about my eyebrows and spending so much time in the mirror trying to figure out whatever I was trying to figure out 🙂 Now I just do my makeup and hair in the morning and I am good to go. Thank you again Kim, What a blessing you are with the gift God gave you.”

Bennie, Georgia

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Carrie, NYC

“When I had my permanent eyebrows done by Kim, I found her to be very professional, personable, and patient! Her calm demeanor and willingness to listen to my concerns and fears put me at ease. I was very nervous about having my brows done with a hair-stroke technique because I didn’t know what to expect.  She evaluated my skin tone and facial structure and created a brow that was the right color and shape for me.

I hardly had any hair due to years of waxing and plucking and she had to correct a previous solid shaded tattoo I already had.  I received many compliments on how nice the shape looked and how much the tattoo looked like real hair.  The process wasn’t painful and the healing was quick for me.  I feel more confident and I’m happy that I don’t have to pencil my eyebrows in and worry that they will wash off when I’m playing sports!”

Darlene H.

The Talk Of The villages

A few years back I had an eyebrow tattoo and it turned out uneven.
“I never thought my eyebrow could be corrected until I met Kim. Pigment was added, the shape and color were modified and miraculously my brow became natural and beautiful. Kim even removed the sun damage under my right eye. I am a happy camper! I wholeheartedly recommend you call Kim as she’s a miracle worker.”

Debbie Smith The Villages

I saw Kim yesterday for a touch up on my eyebrows and they are gorgeous! Kim is a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, make-up artist and permanent cosmetic make-up artist who has a fantastic hand for microblading eyebrows, among other areas. After a lot of research, I chose Kim because of her artistry and cleanliness. She comes in from New York to work with new and existing clients. Her contact info is 646-210-8324 or google New York – Permanent Makeup Kim Forsberg Licensed Cosmetologist. I am one happy customer!


Dr. Barton Blumberg, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, The Villages

“Kim has an amazing eye for shape and symmetry.  What she is able to do for women’s eyebrows as well as other permanent make-up is nothing short of sheer genius!”

Ellie, Florida

“Kim, I just want you to know that I LOVE MY EYE BROWS!! I play golf, swim, and run without worrying about my brows disappearing. Wish I had done this 10 years earlier!”

Eva, Alopecia patient - NYC

“In 2001 my hair started falling out. Within a year, I lost every bit of hair on my body. The past 15 years I’ve been under constant stress worrying about my penciled brows that usually smudged everyday. Kim changed my life. I have real hairlike brows now and my 2-1/2 year old girl tells me “mommy, you have brows!“

Holette, Ocala, FL

“My eyeliner made me look so much fresher. Kim, your artistry is superb!  Exactly the way I always wanted it to look. I adore your work!”

Holette, Ocala, FL

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J Murphy - The Villages

“I’ve known Kim for 8 years now. She recently did a touch-up to my brows and eyeliner. It looks so amazing and stylish that wherever I go I get compliments. I wholeheartedly trust Kim’s artistry and respect her long time experience and her esthetic. I feel very lucky to have met her. She is a true artist, thank you Kim!”

Joanne, Lady Lake, FL

“Kim corrected my orange brows! She made them look perfect… the brows that I always wanted to have. It was one of the best things I ever done for myself. Thank you. You are truly talented!!!”

Lynn Canale - Nextdoor

“I also recommend Kim Forsberg. She is at Merle Norman Cosmetic near Spanish Spring. Kim is excellent. I had a terrible eyebrow permanent makeup experience at a well-known salon in The Villages (which I won’t name). My eyebrows wept for a month and then scarred. I have experience with having them done in the past so I knew how to care for them. Anyway, I went to Kim to see if she could do anything to help me. Without me saying who had previously done my eyebrows, she guessed very quickly. Kim told me about 60% of her business here is correction. In the end, Kim gave me great eyebrows and wonderful eyeliner. I didn’t think they could look so good. And, I healed up so fast it amazed me. Kim is really an artist! She is the only one that I will go to from now on.”

Mary Barrett - The Talk of The Villages

ermanent cosmetic make-up I had on 10th and 11th October 2019.  I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done by Kim Forsberg

I LOVE the result! I have thought about having this done for 40+ years. This is the first time I felt comfortable trusting anyone with these processes. I highly recommend kim. She is not only very good at what she does but extremely personable, communicative and sweet.

Her contact number is 646-210-8324 

You can meet Kim at Merle Normam on Bichara Blvd.

I would gladly answer questions from any interested person. You should see my eyeliner!!

Nancy @ Fleishman-Hillard NYC

“Kim has a great eye for making each and every client look their best. I wholeheartedly trust her advice and admire her work”.

Nextdoor Testimonials

Jean Macciocca -Nextdoor
“Kim Forsberg is excellent-very professional and caring! I love my eyebrows and highly recommend her.”

Susan – Nextdoor
“Yes. Kim Forsberg does. She’s a great artist with a keen eye.”

Therma Rogers – Nextdoor
“I agree with her the gals who recommended Kim Forsberg. She did a great correctional job on my eyebrows.”

Rose Mann – Nextdoor
“Kim Forsberg is fantastic! Very professional, personable and patient. She has an artist’s eye and is a perfectionist. She did my eyebrows and eyeliner and I couldn’t be happier.”

Linda Arce – Nextdoor
“Kim Forsberg is the absolute best! She does the micro blading Hair stroke and more. I have been using her for six years getting eyeliner and Brows. Just go to her.”

MJ Rose – Nextdoor
“You can contact Kim Forsberg through her website
I’ve known her for several years and she is very, very good.”

Patty Reilly The the villages

“OK…I finally did it…Permanent Eyebrows..Amazing them..I certainly did lots of research before having this done..checked on a few technicians in our area even went to Orlando and spoke to a few but never got the right “vibe” from any of them. Recently I saw an ad in The Daily Sun for New Brow..New You…Licensed Aesthetician…KIM FORSBERG…she offers a free complimentary I called her and while on the phone they told me she was giving $100 off permanent make-up that was a treat.

Kim is very professional and very knowledgeable in her field. I finally got that good “vibe” I have been looking for..after all it is your face your dealing with. Kim uses a very different technique check out her web page:

I highly recommend Kim Forsberg for permanent make-up by the way she’s located here in The Villages.”

Randi, San Francisco

“Kim has a special “magical” touch.  The eye of an artist combined with over 25 years of aesthetic experience is a prescription that keeps her clients happily looking like themselves–only better!”

Sunny, Belleview, FL

“I was always conscious about my uneven eyebrows. Kim, thank you…you improved my self-esteem and I don’t stare at the mirror for 20 minutes every morning any longer. You are awesome!”

Susan S. - Jivamukti Yoga instructor NYC

“Kim, I just want you to know that I LOVE MY EYEBROWS!! I play golf, swim and run without worrying about my brows disappearing. Wish I had done this 10 years earlier!”

Susan Widlock - Nextdoor

“I highly recommend Kim Forsberg if anyone is interested in having their eyebrows microbladed. She did an excellent job on mine. She is a perfectionist and a true artist. She has many talents in the beauty field. As a retired esthetician myself I trust her work.”

Thea Stone, Seattle

“I have known Kim for over 20 years professionally and personally. I have a very small physique, therefore my skin is also very thin, especially around the eyebrows,  not making me a guaranteed candidate for permanent cosmetic make-up. Kim said, “we can make this happen for you” and her long time experience as a skin expert and fine artist made my brows look magical. The perfect color and shape I had always dreamed of. Kim, you are amazing!”