Advanced Microblading/ Emperor’s Technic as featured in The NY Post

microblading fla Microblading has been the mainstream in the beauty industry for the last several years.  When you view microblading before and after photos online, it appears to be the ultimate solution to repair sparse and uneven eyebrows.  What you typically see in those photos is lightly embedded across the skin in delicate strokes which mimics natural hair and it appears ’too good to be true’.

So let’s talk about your Microblading experience.  Did your tiny delicate strokes stay and if they did, for how long?

It is very important to understand that our skin is not made of paper. Human skin perspires through sweat and oil glands.  It also bleeds through blood vessels where tattoo pigments are supposed to be implanted. Additionally, our skin sheds every 2 to 4 weeks. Because of this, very thin and delicate hair strokes using tiny bits of pigment won’t last as advertised by most tattoo businesses.

Microblading has been widely used in Asia for over 30 years.  A tenured Microblading Artist knows what the outcome will be for this blading technology.

Advanced Microblading (AKA: Kim’s Emperor’s technique) is performed by both blade and machine using a delicate needle with proper amounts of pigment so that you can create a softer, natural and long-lasting embroidered brow.  Machine embroidery, combined with a manual method, can successfully create a natural-looking hairline even on thick, oily and/or scarred skin. This technique requires many years of experience plus an artistic background because machine embroidery uses different patterns on every candidate depending upon their hair, skin condition and ethnicity.

The truth is that the result of the permanent make-up you receive depends on your age, skin condition, lifestyle, and most importantly, the artist

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